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Senators and education

Senadores recommends the adoption of the Law of Education

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Profile of the Committee of the Council of the Federation for the Science, the Education and the Culture of the results of the today meeting recommends that the Upper House of the parliament approved the law “On the education in the Russian Federation”. The law was approved by the Parliament on December 21, I checked it in SF it is foreseen for the next Wednesday. If it is approved by the senators and the president of the document will come into force on January 1, 2013.

Document prepared by the Department of Education to replace two existing basic laws – “0th Education” (1992) and “Top Professional Education and Postgraduate course” (1996).

“If we speak about the teacher, the social point of view of its special rights they will be protected: the law establishes that the remuneration of the teachers must not be a minor that the average salary in the region”, – he said in a meeting of the committee, the president of Zinaida Dragunkina. According to Dragunkina, while it was employed at a law project in the Duma state senators did 137 modifications.

The assistant manager of the Department of Education of Natalia Tretiak said in turn that the agency of adoption is ready to present the document for its discussion in the Parliament of the articles of association prepared by the Department for its implementation.

General requisites for the admission to the order, the distribution of the students in the educational institutions

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In Belorussia, the whole world has a right to apply to study in any educational institution that is forced to bear in mind all the candidates in accordance with the established procedure of the reception.

The admission to the public institutions that give specializing, top secondary education and of posgrado, is the competence that guarantees the rights of the citizens in the education and to assure the registration in the education institutions to the most capable and prepared to dominate the curriculum.

Requisites for the revenue to the public education institutions established by the Department of Education.

When it takes to the institutions that give secondary and top education, the entrance examinations of the program develop on the base of the educational levels of the secondary education.

The admission to the centers of secondary, top professional, specializing training and posgrado, approved by the Department of Education and published in the official bulletins of the Republic of Belorussia, at the latest three months before the beginning of the documents.

On the base approved by the Department of Education you rule for the admission to the institutions that give higher education, these institutions develop admission norms to the public institutions that they remember with the founder and approved by the Department of Education to the private educational centers authorized by the educational institutions.

Benefits for citizens’ certain categories for the admission will be granted to the educational institutions in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Belorussia.

In the institutions that give secondary and top education, financed with charge to the local budgets republicans and (o), brought the admission quotas can receive training for the persons to pay for the natural and juridical persons subject to these institutions the norms and regulations established for the educational process.

The order of transference, the payments, the recovery of the pupils of the educational institutions established by the Department of Education.

The educational institutions have not a right to prevent the students’ transference, expire with the requisites, they expressed its desire to go to study in another education institution and obtain the assent of the entity.

In the procedure and in the cases established by the Government of the Republic of Belorussia, in the public institutions that provide professional, secondary and top training, carried out the specific formation of the qualified and professional workpeople on a contractual base.

Postgraduates, pupils of the local and national budgets (o) in the centers of professional, secondary and top training will be distributed in the form established by the Government of the Republic of Belorussia.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, signed the law “On the education.”

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The work on the document lasted more than three years. During this time, the law project was not only of the experts’ numerous debates, but a public hearing in Internet. In a special web site received nearly 11.000 comments. After the public hearing of the citizens of all the amendments who have been analyzed, that are summed up and join in the new version. Later it continued the debate. Like result, enclosed in the first and the second meetings of the Duma of the State the project of important modification. According to the president of the Committee of Education of the Duma of the State Alexander Degtyarev in the Committee of the Duma of the State directed to 600.000 persons and it has received more than 40.000 collective communications.

The text of the first version of the law was containing nearly 400 pages and it includes a series of small problems, up to the amount of the wages of the teachers of the university. And as soon as the work involves actively Russian Union of Rectors, who pointed out that the text is not of terms and sufficient general concepts, but too many rules are specified in detail, which are prescribed by other Regulations. According to the rector of the State University of Moscow Viktor Sadovnichego, in the beginning the project was similar to the reference book, to tell again the norms antimonopoly, enclosed of the family right, labor law and the legislation. “A big number of declarative rules can a law” fail “- for what the first rector of the option of comment.


PTU is cancelled

Intense debate turned concerning the abolition of the professional education of level of entry and the absence of “academy”. While many universities have had time to register the ancient name “Institute” or “university” again and turn into “academies”. Once the project without the “Academies” was promulgated, some rectors hurried to change its name again. As result, the law has turned into the main general concept of “education institution.”

But the followers of the initial professional training to demonstrate that this level is necessary, failed. According to a member of the Committee of Education of Gregory Balykhina in the Duma the discussions warmed up – to Be or not an initial professional education. Now it is included in the professional education of secondary level, which offers two types of programs – formation of qualified workpeople and managers of average level.

During the law project discussion many modifications and corrected errors have interfered. For example, in a project, the concept of “family education”. A big set of amendments has collaborated with the art and the music education.

Right to education

загруженное (5)

Every citizen of the Republic of Belorussia has the right to education. The restrictions to the rights to education can only be established by law.

The citizens of the Republic of Belorussia the right will be guaranteed to them to the free secondary, professional general and on a competitive base specialized secondary and top education in the educational institutions.

The foreign citizens and the stateless ones that reside of permanent form in the Republic of Belorussia, have the same rights as to the citizens of the Republic of Belorussia the right to education, unless another thing decides for the laws and the international agreements of the Republic of Belorussia.

The right to education and the order of education of other foreigners are established by legislative acts of the Republic of Belorussia.

The right of the citizens to the education is guaranteed across:

development of a network of educational institutions of the educational system;

the creation of the social and economic conditions of a free education in the public schools;

partial financing or whole of the State and (o) of the local budget the cost of the citizens in the need for the social work in the formation period. Categories of the people, the size and the form of the assistance established by the Government of the Republic of Belorussia;

that prohibits the reduction in the state educational institutions of the seats of the citizens to the free education, on having increased the revenue of the persons with a form of payment of the education;

to create the conditions for the education in accordance with the national traditions, as well as the individual needs, capacities and needs of the students (pupils);

the existence of diverse forms of education and types of educational institutions;

to create the conditions necessary for the education and the social adaptation of the persons with special needs;

provision of educational opportunities for a price;

establishment of a system of accreditation of the citizens who are being trained by a supplement.


Section 4. The legislation on the subject of education and of its scope

The legislation is applied to the formation of the relations that arise in the field of the education, with the participation of natural and juridical persons in the Republic of Belorussia, as well as the foreign citizens, the stateless ones, the foreigners and the international organizations, the foreign states, if these relations have arisen in the territory of the Republic of Belorussia or there is agreement between the parts on the election of the law of the Republic of Belorussia for the regulation of the relations in the sphere of the education.

The legislative process in the USA.

загруженное (4)

The legislative process in the USA regulates definitely the procedure for the adoption of laws, resolutions and other documents in the federal ambience, which includes a series of successive stages, from the legislative initiative and to do a proposal to the camerawomen of the Congress for the discussion and which finishes with the signature of the President act, the publication and coming into effect.

In contrast to many other states, the legislative initiative the USA at federal level can only come from the Congressmen. The President has not a right of legislative initiative, but it can introduce by implication a law project across the conferees of its party or of calling all the Congressmen in the annual message of the need for a specific law.

The high and low cameras of the Congress on the subject of opening and project discussion of law that is equal, with the exception of only one all the invoices relative to the taxes and the budget (financial expenses) must always come from the House of Representatives, where they were treated initially by a more complex procedure, and then sent to the Senate for its approval. In all other areas of the legislative process in the Senate and the House of Representatives it is unlimited.

The President must sign the law project in ten days, if it does not do it, then the project turns automatically into law without its signature. On having used the right of veto of the President, the Congress can 2/3 of the votes of every camera to overcome it and to take the law in its current state. The president also has a “veto of pocket”, which it is possible to use only in specific cases.

The legislative process in Great Britain

The legislature of the Lords significantly lower than the Chamber of opportunities Commons.

images (8)

In accordance with the Law of the Parliament in 1911, the right of the Lords to push back a project of law that has been approved by the House of Commons, was severely restricted. Some types of projects of law can be presented in the real approval without the assent of the House of Lords. The House of Lords cannot delay the project of law of money (that, according to the president of the House of Commons, fond of the tax system purely national or of public funds) during any more than one month. Other public accounts cannot have any more than two parliamentary assemblies, or one calendar year. This only is applied to the public accounts originated from the House of Commons, and does not have any power to continue the validity of the Parliament during any more than five years.

According to the tradition, established previous Record of the Parliament, the House of Lords also abstains from financial accounts. The House of Lords cannot initiate a law project relative to the taxes or provisions, or to correct a project of law relative to the tax system or the position or the Trust declaration (the House of Commons, nevertheless, often sends its privileges and allows the Upper House to do amendments with financial implications).

Also, the gentlemen are not capable of resisting to the legislative initiatives of the winning part. Constitutional Treaty, acquaintance like the Convention of Salisbury, determines that the House of Lords is not a question of putting up to the laws done to the execution of the electoral program of the current office – who has formed traditionally for the party or coalition with majority in the Chamber of Commons.

Deputies can prohibit the French citizens to be adopted children of Russia

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After France turned in the fourteenth country into the world, it legalized the marriage between persons of the same sex, the Russian legislators they began to speak about the regulation of the relations in the ambience of the adoption in this country. So on Tuesday, the 21st of May, Secretary Adjunto of the General Council of “Close Russia”, vice-president of the Duma Sergei Zheleznyak said that Russia can prohibit completely the adoption of Russian children for the French.


This declaration one has to to the Zhelezniak fact point out that in eve of the French president, Francois Hollande has signed a law that legalizes the marriage between persons of the same sex and the children’s adoption for homosexuals. Previously, this document was approved by the French Parliament and the Constitutional Advice. According to Zheleznyaka Russia cannot give to the orphans to be raised in a family. Also he is afraid that the homosexuals can contract traditional fictitious marriages to adopt the Russians and, next, to transfer them to the families of the same sex, and that’s why it is necessary to introduce an entire prohibition.


- we are going to have a serious option to come. We will have to check our international agreements with France. We cannot give to the children in adoption to families of the same sex – living Zhelezniak said broadcasting station ​​ about radio “Echo of Moscow”.


The representatives of the “Close Russia” it has played previously with the above mentioned declarations. Therefore, the proposal is not to give to the children they were speaking French to deputy of the State Duma of Russia Catalina Lakhova.


- the child must be a mom and dad, not two moms or two dads, – he said in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.


With the similar proposal it has appeared and the chief of the Committee of the Duma of International Matters of the party “Close Russia” Alexei arms, that affirmed that it is necessary to prohibit the adoption of Russian children in all the countries where there allow themselves the marriages between persons of the same sex.

“We have to prohibit the adoption in the countries where the marriage has interfered between persons of the same sex, but to achieve real, not verbal change in the adoption in Russia”, – he wrote a weapon in its Twitter.

According to Alexei spread in Europe “new values” are, like the marriage gay and the adoption of family children of the same sex, and to compare them with the universal democratic values, according to him, they will begin to impose them and other countries, between them Russia.

Let’s remember, on May 18, the President of France Francois Hollande signed a law that legalizes the marriage between persons of the same sex and the children’s adoption for homosexual couples, previously approved by the Constitutional Advice. The legalization of the marriage between persons of the same sex – one of the promises of campaign of the president of the Socialist Hollande. Before in France there were allowed the civil unions of couples of the same sex, nevertheless, the Socialists decided to legalize the marriage gay and allow that these families that children adopt. Against the movement they were representatives of the opposition of right and the Catholic Church.

MGER offers to harden the serious sanctions for the sale of alcohol of the adolescents


“Young Guard”, on the base of the information obtained like result of the raids carried out in the identification of the sale of alcohol to age minors, recommends to reinforce the legislation in this ambience.




“Young Guard of Close Russia” for several years, the achievement of the campaign anti-alcohol to eradicate the illegal sale of alcohol to age minors. The results of the current review MGER in more than 65 regions of the Russian Federation have demonstrated: in force from November 2012 amendments to harden the sanctions for the sale of alcohol to age minors, have born its fruits – the sellers and tellers finally began to ask the adolescents about passport for the age cross-check. Nevertheless, unfortunately, not always not everywhere. Although there is a large number of shops where the adolescents can buy easily alcohol.


Considering the circumstances of the case, “Young Guard” offers to deny the license for the resale of the owners of alcohol of shops and services of catering.


For not speaking that at present, the maximum sorrow for the sale of alcohol in the night in prohibited places is only 5.000 roubles.


Let’s remember that in 2012, during the educational camps Mger federal “Guard” of the proposals to harden the sorrow for the illegal sale of alcohol, up to the selection of a license, with the support the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.